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company news about How to choose the venue access control system?

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How to choose the venue access control system?
Latest company news about How to choose the venue access control system?

Sports venues generally use membership cards such as sub-cards and annual cards to deduct fees. At the same time, membership cards are also an important way to verify their identity. If there is no membership card, members need to verify their phone number and ID card at the front desk This not only affects the member experience, but also increases the workload of the front desk to a certain extent.


Many venues now use the access control gate system, which can realize multiple identification methods by connecting multiple devices, including face recognition, QR code recognition, membership card recognition, etc., so as to achieve fast entry and unattended Scenes.


The smart access control system utilizes smart hardware and the Internet to efficiently manage member entry and exit, check-in, etc., helping venues reduce workload and improve member experience.


latest company news about How to choose the venue access control system?  0


Accurate identification The private transfer of the membership card and the entry of unrelated personnel may damage the rights and interests of the venue. The face recognition equipment can accurately identify the identity of the member. For the arena with designated members who play for free, using this access control system can bring benefits A better sports experience also reduces complicated verification steps for employees.


Improve work efficiency

Through the intelligent gate system, the unattended mode of the venue is realized to reduce labor costs. At the same time, through the intelligent identification method, members are exempted from queuing up to enter the venue, reducing time waste.


Improve the image of the venue

Combining traditional sports venues with modern technology can enhance the overall smart image of the arena, help create characteristic sports venues, and attract more sports enthusiasts. Give customers a good first influence, use high-quality services to increase the conversion rate of members, and promote members to become loyal members of the venue.



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