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company news about How to choose different lifting columns?

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How to choose different lifting columns?
Latest company news about How to choose different lifting columns?

If our company or organization has the need to buy lifting columns, some friends may find that although the names of lifting columns on the market are called lifting columns, there are many types and prices are different. The price difference may reach several times or even dozens of times, so how should we choose in the face of a wide variety of lifting columns?


latest company news about How to choose different lifting columns?  0


At present, the types of lifting columns can be divided into the following types according to different ways. Due to these differences, the prices are also different. First of all, if it is divided according to the purpose, the lifting column is mainly divided into two types: high security level and city level. High-safety level, that is, high safety level, has higher requirements for anti-collision. High-safety-level products can resist the impact of a 6.8-ton truck at a speed of 65km/h. The safety performance is higher, but the relative material requirements are higher, and the cost is higher. It is mostly used in important institutions such as natural gas stations, power grid substations, and other security-sensitive places.


The city level, as the name implies, is the urban traffic safety level. This anti-collision level is lower than the high safety level. It can withstand the impact of a 2.3-ton motor vehicle at a speed of 100km/h, so the advantages of this type of product are self-evident. Now, the price is lower, there are various styles to choose from, and they are mostly used in crowded places such as schools, hospitals, public performances or exhibition venues, or areas where motor vehicles are restricted and controlled.



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