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company news about How to choose an access control system?

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How to choose an access control system?
Latest company news about How to choose an access control system?

In recent years, the market has continued to innovate and use information and communication technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet, and big data to explore new models for the development of "Internet +" health care services; at the same time, a regional health information platform has been built to realize interconnection, so that the medical treatment process can be optimized and waiting. The time is shortened, it is more and more convenient for the masses to seek medical treatment, and the burden of medical treatment is also reduced.


With the continuous advancement of medical digitization and informatization, Internet hospitals and smart medical care are no longer just concepts. With the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the hospital's access control system has gradually developed from a single door lock to a complete access management system, which has played an important role in more scenes of life .


latest company news about How to choose an access control system?  0


Guodian smart access control management system adopts regional feature analysis algorithm, integrates computer image processing technology and biostatistics principle, and uses computer image processing technology to extract feature points from video. Magnetic locks and other equipment form a smart access control management system to realize the informatization of daily management and the unification of identity recognition. The role of the system to identify and confirm the identity of the passers-by, there are many ways and types of identity recognition. At the same time, the switch command is issued to control the entry and exit of the terminal equipment. Select different execution equipment according to the requirements of the entrance and exit, the material of the unit door, etc. The use of the system has made up for the shortcomings and risks of the hospital's simple "civil air defense", formed a "civil air defense + technical defense" double insurance for epidemic prevention and control, and promoted the standardization, intelligence and informationization of epidemic prevention and control.


In the context of the development of the intelligent era, the current access control is not only access control, but also a comprehensive and convenient system security application that integrates more functions such as visitor, attendance, consumption, patrol, and elevator control. It is believed that the application of Guodian smart access control system in important scenarios such as hospitals can improve the original thorny problems of information asymmetry and inability to control access. For more information on pedestrian management systems and equipment such as access control systems, access control systems, face recognition gates, access gates, swing gates, three-roller gates, and wing gates, please consult Guodian Technology.



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