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company news about How to choose a kindergarten pedestrian access gate?

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How to choose a kindergarten pedestrian access gate?

Over the past few years, more and more schools have installed and used walkway gates, including kindergartens. This is mainly because the monitoring, gate, access control and other systems can realize the intelligent construction of the campus and improve the safety management of the campus, thereby ensuring the safe and healthy growth of children.


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Among them, import and export management is very important. Therefore, access gates are usually installed in densely populated places, such as entrances and exits, dormitories and libraries. There are many types and shapes of pedestrian access gates on the market. But not all gates are suitable for campus installation, especially kindergarten. So what are the gates that are more suitable for kindergartens? It mainly includes barrier-free access or swing gates, not wing gates. From the point of view of appearance and structure, sidewalk gates that swing back and forth are safer than wing gates. Otherwise, why do we often see adults carrying children through the gates when we are doing subways? It is mainly to prevent the gate from pinching children. Although there is a time limit for the opening state of the gate during operation, if it stays in the passage for a long time, it will inevitably be pinched.


Therefore, kindergartens are more suitable for installing and using safer swing gates. In fact, the structures and configurations of the swing gates and the wing gates are the same. They are composed of gates, main control boards, brushless motors, core drive components, infrared radiation, alarms, and direction indicator boards. and other components. However, the appearance of the swing gate is different, the shape of the swing gate is more beautiful, because its appearance is more plastic, and it has different characteristics and styles such as bridge, simple, cylindrical, vertical, octagonal, arc, etc., so the swing gate is suitable for different The personalization of the campus needs to complement the style of the kindergarten.


In addition, in addition to the basic standard functions, the swing gate can also be customized in many aspects, including built-in external cabinets, docking with campus cards, remote control of doors, and illegal intrusion alarms, all of which are implemented according to specific requirements. Therefore, under the premise of having hardware such as pedestrian gates, kindergartens should carry out more training on campus safety management content, so that children and teachers can practice safely, and enhance the sense of responsibility of campus safety management personnel.

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