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company news about Guodian Intelligent Access Control Management System

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Guodian Intelligent Access Control Management System
Latest company news about Guodian Intelligent Access Control Management System

Guodian intelligent swing gate access control system helps building office buildings to create intelligent entrance and exit management

In today's rapid development of digital technology and network technology, access control technology has developed rapidly. The access control management system has already surpassed the simple doorway and key management, and it has gradually developed into a complete access management system. It plays a huge role in administrative management such as work environment safety and personnel attendance management.


latest company news about Guodian Intelligent Access Control Management System  0


With the development of modern economic construction and management, various hotels, transportation hubs, office buildings, intelligent buildings, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, etc., the demand for access control is expanding. In the rapid development of the past three decades, people's requirements for the experience of buildings and office buildings have been increasing, and more and more properties need to upgrade the original access control management system, so that it has the genes of intelligence and mobility. With the continuous increase in the flow of people entering and leaving the building, it not only increases the workload of building access management, but also brings great challenges to the efficiency of property management. The main problems faced by building access management are:

1. Low entry and exit efficiency;

2. The visitor procedures are troublesome;

3. The timeliness of incoming and outgoing data is poor;

4. General user experience.


Therefore, in order to solve the above problems, it is very necessary to introduce a set of intelligent access control management equipment for buildings and office buildings. Guodian has more than ten years of successful application experience in the smart access control market, corresponding customer base and customer service system. The main product functions of Guodian access control management system are:


1. Accurate authority management, faster evidence collection and access, better reception and experience;

2. A variety of electronic access control management methods, supporting QR code, IC card, ID card, face recognition and other electronic and AI artificial intelligence management methods;

3. Flexible network configuration, fully adaptable to all scenarios, based on project requirements, each subsystem can be flexibly increased, decreased or updated to meet application requirements in different periods;

4. The platform is modularly designed, the system composition is flexible and changeable, it supports secondary development, the interaction is sensitive and rapid, and it can recognize and respond in milliseconds;

5. Visitor access control management, through the second-generation ID card identification technology, realizes the unity of "persons, documents, and photos", efficient identification, intelligent and convenient.


By introducing the intelligent access control management system, it can effectively enhance the external image of the building and improve the quality; reduce the workload of the property, reduce unnecessary manpower, and manage daily work intelligently; in addition, through the intelligent access control management system, it can effectively enhance the security of the building Sex, to achieve the privacy of the office. For more information on access control systems, access control management systems, access gates, swing gates, wing gates and other products, you can consult Guodian Technology.

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