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company news about Gate common faults and solutions

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Gate common faults and solutions
Latest company news about Gate common faults and solutions

Places where turnstiles are used are usually places where pedestrians pass by more frequently. What should I do if there are some minor faults during the operation of the gate? Turnstile manufacturer Rongke Security sorted out some common faults of turnstiles so that customers can deal with sudden failures of turnstiles.


Fault 1: The tripod gate cannot be opened. Processing method:

1. Check the control panel;

2. Check whether the electromagnet screw is loose or broken;

3. Check the drive plate of the tripod gate. At this time, input after short-circuiting the driver board (1# open gate or 2# open gate input). If the solenoid valve is green, the response is normal.


Fault 2: Cannot be loaded manually. Processing method:

1. Check whether the electromagnet of the power-off drop rod has attracted the iron block;

2. Whether the power-off drop rod electromagnet has a DC12V power supply;

3. Check whether the electromagnetic device of the power-off rod falls on the shrapnel of the turntable. If yes, move the whole unit up so they don't touch each other.


Problem: Humming sound when turned on. Method: Adjust the four bottom corner screws of the electromagnet to reduce the suction gap of the electromagnet, and check whether there are other resistance factors.


Fault 4: The indicator light is off. Method: Check the power supply or fuse, and check whether the infrared reading device is in good condition.

Fault 5: Collision occurs when opening. Method: Adjust the strength of the shock absorber and check whether there are impurities or loose parts.

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