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company news about Function and principle of community boom barrier

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Function and principle of community boom barrier
Latest company news about Function and principle of community boom barrier

The three functions of the community gate system:

1. The machine adopts full wireless control method, which is safe and convenient. As long as the 220V power supply is turned on and the casing is grounded, it can enter the working state, avoiding the complicated wiring and wiring work.


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2. The special balance mechanism design and the connected aluminum wave box make the brake handle start slowly, move quickly and stop slowly, so that the movement of the whole machine has the characteristics of low noise, fast heat dissipation, stable and durable operation, and no inertia!


3. The door has multiple interfaces. It can be connected to accessories such as pressure wave switch, vehicle detector (ground sense), and infrared radiation. You can also access the charging system to realize automatic management while meeting the security requirements of the gate.


The working principle of the community gate system:


The community access control system is a channel entrance management device specially used to restrict motor vehicles from going on the road. It is now widely used in highway toll stations, parking lots, communities, enterprises and institutions to manage vehicle entry and exit. The electric road gate can be remotely controlled to realize the landing pole, or it can be automatically managed by the parking lot management system (ie the ic card management system). According to the place where the gate is used, the gate fence can be divided into straight fence, 90-degree curved fence, 180-degree folding fence, fence and so on.


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When the vehicle enters the ground induction coil, it will generate inductance and transmit it to the vehicle detector. The vehicle detector will send out two groups of relay signals, one group is the signal entering the ground induction coil, and each group has two signals, normally open and normally closed. In addition, the gate generally has a ground-sensing infrared interface or a ground-sensing infrared interface. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle detection signal will be connected to the ground-sensing infrared interface. When the vehicle comes to the gate, swipe the card to open the gate. The coil will not lift the brake automatically. However, if the supplier's product does not have a ground-sensing infrared interface or the ground-sensing infrared interface is broken or the new vehicle detector does not match the ground-sensing infrared interface, they connect the two sets of signals from the vehicle detector to the opening and closing of the barrier itself. Close the gate port, which also plays the role of protecting the vehicle when the car passes the automatic drop gate and will not drop the gate. The only disadvantage is that the gate will open when the car is pressed against the ground. The problem mainly depends on how the live line is connected to judge.

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