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company news about Four-dimensional analysis: Why do schools choose face access control systems?

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Four-dimensional analysis: Why do schools choose face access control systems?
Latest company news about Four-dimensional analysis: Why do schools choose face access control systems?

The change of the access control system is essentially the iterative evolution of the identification method, from mechanical lock-password-card-QR code/NFC-biometric identification, with the maturity of technology, the access control system has developed by leaps and bounds, product form and application The model presents a diversified development trend.


For schools, the crowds of teachers and students are crowded, the mobility is high, and the entry and exit scenes are complex. In addition to traffic efficiency and safety performance, intelligence, convenience, and precise management are also important considerations for the selection of access control systems. With these functions, there are more benefits. This is why face access control is popular in schools. The following is a detailed analysis from four dimensions.


latest company news about Four-dimensional analysis: Why do schools choose face access control systems?  0


Different from traditional access control that "only manages the door" or "mainly controls the entry and exit of personnel", face recognition access control integrates face-scanning access control equipment and access control big data into the cloud for unified management, which can realize multi-level and multi-dimensional extended scene applications.


For example, in order to solve the problems of crowded queues and difficult management and control during the peak hours of school and school, the face recognition access control does not need to worry about the problem of carrying or losing the card, and the door can be opened in seconds just by swiping the face, which greatly improves the efficiency and experience of teachers and students.


In addition to the front-end "strength", through linkage with the back-end big data, you can also query the data of personnel entering and leaving the school at each time period (including quantity, type, etc.), which is convenient for the school to accurately control the entry and exit of personnel by time period and object, and greatly improves management efficiency. In addition, through the visualized statistics of big data at each entrance and exit, it can provide an effective basis for the school to optimize equipment, faculty resource allocation, and implement scientific management and control.


Traditional access control management often recognizes "things" but not people, and there are risks of misappropriation, brushing or loss. However, face access control is marked by face biometrics. When the face passes through the recognition terminal, the system will automatically identify the identity of the person and Judging their access authority to achieve precise management of personnel.


Schools rely on the security personnel to identify with naked eyes or only recognize the status quo of card release, and there are still potential safety hazards of outsiders mixing in and threatening teachers and students. Since face recognition access control is one-to-one face information input in advance, it can accurately check the information of people entering and leaving, quickly judge and identify teachers and students and people outside the school, and let teachers and students go, but not people outside the school, which can effectively avoid strangers. Come and go as you please.


To enter the school, non-campus personnel need to make an appointment in advance or make an on-site appointment. Only after passing the verification of the real-name ID card can they obtain access authority. And if people outside the school try to break in, the system will initiate an early warning in real time, which is more secure.



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