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company news about Facial recognition access control system strengthens access security

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Facial recognition access control system strengthens access security
Latest company news about Facial recognition access control system strengthens access security

Nowadays, the development of technology is very fast, and the use of access control management systems is becoming more and more sophisticated, with more and more functions. With the improvement of people's quality of life and the development of science and technology, the convenience and safety of life have been valued by people, and the access control management system has become more intelligent and safer.


latest company news about Facial recognition access control system strengthens access security  0


In terms of access management, traditional access control management only uses traditional security personnel for identity verification and release. There are many disadvantages in the manual verification, registration and release control mode:

1. The human factor is large, suspicious and miscellaneous personnel are easily mixed into the interior, and there are certain security risks;

2. Manually verify the registration information of visitors, the registration speed is slow and the management efficiency is low;

3. The entrance and exit are on duty 24 hours a day, and a large number of security personnel need to be arranged to work in turn, and the cost of property management is high;

4. The technology of access control equipment is relatively backward, the efficiency of personnel passage is low, and the image of property management is poor.


Today, smart access control management adopts face recognition access control management system, which can realize the integrated management of fixed personnel entry and exit and visitor entry and exit, effectively reducing construction costs and improving traffic efficiency. The Ketuo access control management system adopts the world's leading dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream. Through the access control management system, the employee's photos are input into the database in advance, and the system accurately extracts the facial features as the basis for identification, and accurately detects and tracks the face. , so as to realize rapid identification, and the gate will automatically open after face recognition to achieve contactless access. Outside visitors can take the second-generation ID card and make an appointment for authorization in advance to verify the personal ID card and give a signal to open the door after the gate is successful. With the development of the urban economy, the demand for pedestrian management widely exists in various business formats. Ketuo focuses on intelligent access control management systems for office buildings, residences, schools, scenic spots, museums, subways, train stations, construction sites, hospitals and other multi-scenario applications. Meet the application needs of different formats.

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