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company news about Face Recognition Access Control Swing Gate

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Face Recognition Access Control Swing Gate
Latest company news about Face Recognition Access Control Swing Gate

Society is developing and times are changing, and every new process will completely subvert the previous way of life. From basic facilities to smart life, human habitation is undergoing an unprecedented new transformation.


The "Intelligent Access Control Management System" created by Guodian provides community services with high standards, high quality and high taste. The community entrance, exit and building access control management system adopts intelligent face recognition to pass through, automatically swipe face recognition through designated areas, and quickly pass without contact. One face solves all access rights management problems in the community and provides convenience for owners to travel.


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The face access control method is not only convenient to operate, but also has a low learning cost. It is applicable to both the elderly and children, and the human-computer interaction experience is better. The advantages of face access control are mainly:


1. High security management: support stranger detection, automatically save on-site photos when strangers are detected, support door not closed timeout alarm, blacklist alarm and other functions;

2. Large-capacity face database: it can support up to 100,000 face photos, the recognition rate is >99.8%, and the recognition speed is ≤200ms;

3. Applicable to complex scenes: using wide dynamic dual-camera for accurate comparison of living bodies, suitable for indoor and outdoor strong light/backlight environments, support for nighttime infrared, RGB double fill lights;

4. High accuracy rate: The accuracy rate of 1:1 witness comparison is over 99%.


At the same time, the system can also automatically record the occurrence time, entry and exit locations, operators and other information, and can query and make statistics. In addition, visitors are common to the community, but traditional access control keeps the visiting guests away. Sometimes in order to allow relatives and friends to enter the community, we have to go out of the community to connect the guests, so that the original The happy gathering brought a lot of unnecessary troubles. To this end, Guodian Technology can make reservations in advance through the visitor mini program, WeChat public account, etc. for visitors, upload personal information and facial information to the visitor management system in advance, and the owners share the QR code with the visitors through WeChat. In this way, visitors do not need to inquire and register after arrival, and they can achieve zero-contact during the entry process of personnel, and can also support information registration to connect with the public security network to verify their identity, further ensuring the convenience and safety of the owner's life.


Guodian access control management system creates more efficient, intelligent and considerate management services through advanced technology, creates an intelligent community for owners, and brings a more comfortable living experience. For more information on access control management systems, access gates, swing gates, wing gates, tripod gates and other products, please consult Guodian Technology.

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