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company news about Face channel gate consumption management system

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Face channel gate consumption management system
Latest company news about Face channel gate consumption management system

Canteen face recognition consumption system, face recognition ordering system, face recognition consumption management system, face recognition and credit card comparison system, Kaidian dynamic face recognition consumption system, face recognition consumption machine, canteen face recognition consumption system ,Support channel gate embedded, face recognition consumption system , produced by Shenzhen Qidian brand honor. Dynamic face recognition consumption management system: fast recognition speed, high recognition accuracy, no contact, anti-theft brush, no loss. Face recognition is used to replace traditional cash, tickets, paper cards, etc., and intelligent management methods are used to improve the work efficiency and work quality of the user unit. It is suitable for restaurants and canteens such as schools, units, factories, hotels, hotels, clubs, clubs, shopping malls, etc.; that is, using the face to realize the dining management function. Reliable quality assurance and perfect technical service and after-sales service guarantee system make you more assured.


latest company news about Face channel gate consumption management system  0


Smart function Binocular camera, support live anti-counterfeiting, solve the problem of photo deception Support face optimization, face enhancement and face exposure, improve image quality, Support multiple face recognition, the largest face recognition mode, the face recognition rate is as high as 99.7% or more Support four recognition methods: face and card, face or card, face only, and card only, to meet various needs Standard 30,000-level face database and 30,000 IC card library, millisecond recognition pass, face recognition speed (1: N) ≤ 0.2S/person Adopt high-performance intelligent processor, face recognition and capture information extraction based on deep learning, which greatly improves the face capture rate.



1. The application value of enterprise canteen seats and government bills:

(1) Improve the image of enterprises and government units: As an avant-garde identity verification technology, face recognition is applied to staff canteens, which can instantly impress staff and guests. Enhanced trust in enterprises and units.

(2) Improve employee benefits: The multi-user level of the system can set different charging standards for employees and their families, which not only reflects humanized management, but also uses limited food subsidies to employees as much as possible. on myself.

(3) Regulate official reception: Before using IC card or fingerprint system, it was impossible to manage official reception. The system's unique function of swiping a card to take photos of official reception has included official reception into the management scope, so that official reception is also well documented.



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