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company news about Design of Access Control Swing Gate?

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Design of Access Control Swing Gate?
Latest company news about Design of Access Control Swing Gate?

The swing gate is what we usually call the gate, which is a channel blocking device or channel management equipment. According to the different blocking bodies and blocking methods, it can be divided into three roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, translation gates, turnstiles, word gate, etc. We often see turnstiles at bus stations, subway stations, scenic spots, residential areas, and office buildings. The design of swing gates allows people to pass in an orderly, faster and safer way.


latest company news about Design of Access Control Swing Gate?  0


The design of the swing gate is to find the advantages and disadvantages of the existing swing gate through market research, and then through the brainstorm of the designer, the appearance is designed with a twisted M letter, and its shape is intuitive and smooth, with a unique aesthetic feeling. The passage and other identification functions are inclined inward, which is in line with ergonomic design; the swing gate is equipped with multi-point sensors in the door leaf area, which can more accurately sense that someone is made flexible through the door leaf material: the door leaf is made of flexible material and has a certain shrinkage, To ensure that pedestrians will not be harmed; the swing gate movement is designed to run smoothly, reasonably and reliably, with low noise and long service life.


The aluminum alloy shell has a multi-layered design and is made of 304 stainless steel. The box body is based on standardized design, laser cutting, drilling, one-step forming technology, mechanized wire drawing process, modular docking, easy installation and disassembly maintenance, and high interchangeability. It is waterproof, sunscreen, rust-proof, cold-resistant and high-temperature resistant, which highlights the texture of the product and makes the product more high-end; the interactive design is user-friendly, not only beautiful but also practical.


The swing gate is an intelligent identification device that integrates ID card induction, fingerprint identification, QR code scanning, face recognition and other functions. Modular design, through the built-in intelligent control system, the functions of opening, closing, charging, sound and light alarm, data transmission, and data statistics of the swing gate can be realized. Not only the functions are complete, but the maintenance is also very convenient. The traffic signs are engraved in the glass on both sides, and the lights are used to identify and guide pedestrians; the front display panel can be implanted with advertising promotion, making the product more commercial value. With its excellent design, the swing gate machine is not only loved by the masses, ensuring the normal passage of places with large crowds, but also won the Taiwan Golden Point Award in 2019, which is also an affirmation and encouragement for the design of the swing gate.



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