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company news about Daily use of speed gates?

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Daily use of speed gates?
Latest company news about Daily use of speed gates?

daily use

The AN210 speed channel is very convenient to use. The cardholder only needs to shake the card above the card reader to open the channel door and enter the security area smoothly. AN210 door body top plate and side guards can be disassembled, which is convenient for repair and maintenance. Use clean water or stainless steel cleaning agent to clean the door from time to time and adhere to the necessary annual maintenance of the mechanical system to keep the system in good working condition.


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AN210 features and advantages

As an enterprise with a hundred years of experience in machinery manufacturing, An Neng Gate Company has been committed to providing our customers with high-quality, durable and superior products. We attach great importance to a security product that can take care of all aspects of the building in a balanced manner, such as superior security capabilities, user safety, comfort and convenience, product aesthetics and integration capabilities, and sturdiness and durability. Such a product can benefit our customers in every way and guarantee that the investment will bring the right return. Our AN210 security speed channel product is such a product with balanced design in all aspects. It has the following characteristics and corresponding product advantages:

(1) Accurate multi-level detection technology

The channel design of AN210 is optimized for detectors in each area according to the detection needs, which can accurately sense the traffic status in the channel, which can prevent unauthorized users from entering the trail to the greatest extent. Each sensor has its own function settings. For example, the facing sensors on the two side columns are not only used as the initial sensing device to activate the door wing action after the user normally swipes the card to enter, but also responsible for unauthorized users when they enter. The first induction prevention function. Equipped with a low-position infrared beam sensor, it can prevent unauthorized people from squatting or crawling through, and can also ensure the safety of children whose height is lower than the speedway.

(2), exclusive safety drive system


The door wing drive system of AN210 of An Neng turnstile uses a brushless DC motor specially designed and adjusted for this product. This drive motor is different from the motors usually used in the security channel equipment on the market. It has the characteristics of better durability, adaptability and adjustable torque and speed, which ensures the absolute safety of users. At the same time, the standard torque setting of the drive system is just enough to keep unauthorized users out of the safety zone.


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