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company news about Common faults of wing gates - cause analysis and solutions?

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Common faults of wing gates - cause analysis and solutions?
Latest company news about Common faults of wing gates - cause analysis and solutions?

1. Can't open the door after swiping the card? Solution:

1) Confirm whether the controller is set with two-way card swipe, press and hold the right button for 3 seconds to enter the control panel menu, select "Access Mode", press the "right button" to enter and select "Gateway Mode", and select "Two-way Card Swipe";

2) Unplug the infrared port IR3 IR2 IR1 of the black box controller, short-circuit SW1 GND left opening port or short SW2 GND right opening port;

3) If the door is short-circuited, but the door is not opened by swiping the card, it means that the controller has not received the access control signal or the line is loose;

4) When the card is swiped, the relay has no beating sound, indicating that the card has no authority or the access control relay delay is not set to 0 seconds or 1 second.


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2. After swiping the card, the indicator light is opposite to the direction of swiping the card, and the first pair of infrared sensors will be turned off immediately after entering the channel?

Solution: switch the terminals of SW1 Gnd and SW2 Gnd to the gate opening signal

3. After swiping the card, the gate is opened but not closed? Reason analysis:

1) If the door is closed after unplugging IR1 IR2 IR3, this situation is usually because the middle anti-pinch infrared is not aligned;

2) the middle infrared fault.


1) If the infrared is turned on, or the chassis is moved to align the infrared;

2) Correct the infrared light or remove the two infrared near-aligned and unobstructed infrared receivers. The red light at the tail of the infrared receiver is still on, indicating that the infrared is broken and needs to be replaced.


4. The gate does not automatically open after power failure? Reason analysis:

1) The terminals on the side of the battery are not plugged in;

2) The power of the battery is exhausted, and the virtual power inside does not actually exceed 10V.


1) The red wire in the lower right corner of the controller is connected to the positive pole of the battery 12V, and the black wire or blue wire is connected to the negative pole of the battery. After the power is off, the gate will automatically open to keep the channel open;

2) The battery is charged for 5 minutes with 24V power supply alone, and then connected to the circuit board.


5. Whether it can be set to swipe the card to enter, and to go out freely without swiping the card.


1) Set the access mode through the controller menu to enter and swipe the card and exit freely;

2) Operation method: long press ENT to activate the menu button, select "Access Parameters" > press "Right ENT" > enter and select "Gateway Mode" > Press "Right ENT" > enter and select "Enter and swipe card and exit freely" > Press "Right" ENT" to confirm" Press "Left ESC" to exit. 3) Check the verification.


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