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company news about Common entrance and exit gates and their applicable scenarios

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Common entrance and exit gates and their applicable scenarios
Latest company news about Common entrance and exit gates and their applicable scenarios

We all know that common turnstiles are divided into three-roller turnstiles, wing turnstiles and swing turnstiles. Different turnstiles are suitable for different occasions, and the price of turnstiles is very different. There are one or two thousand three-roller turnstiles. Tens of thousands of wing gates. In fact, many people who buy turnstiles are not familiar with the hardware of turnstiles. They are more concerned about the price of turnstiles, and some people will also consider after-sales issues. As for equipment functions, as long as they can achieve their requirements.  


latest company news about Common entrance and exit gates and their applicable scenarios  0


The same gates are used, but the gate types, service life, functional modules, and materials used in different occasions are different. The following is a comparative analysis of the gates used in the construction site and the scenic spot. Nowadays, construction sites pay attention to "smart construction sites". Almost all construction sites implement real-person registration and punch-in. In addition to the impact of this year's epidemic, face recognition temperature measuring machines have become the "standard" of construction site gates. The number of people on the construction site is limited. , and the personnel are relatively fixed, ordinary projects can be completed in 1-2 years, there are not too many requirements for hardware, and there are almost no extended functions in software, unless there are special requirements, ordinary three-roller gates are sufficient for construction sites.


Most of the gates in scenic spots need to cooperate with the ticket verification function, which requires ticketing system management software. Ticket sales, ticket verification, and gate crossing are the basic functions. According to customer needs, such as the Huzhou former residence project, the gates used need to have identity verification. The function of certificate comparison, that is, locals and the elderly over 70 years old can pass the gate for free, the rest need to check the ticket, and some scenic spots will have requirements for marketing functions. Moreover, there are at least hundreds of thousands of tourists in the scenic spot every year, and the long-term operation of the gates, damage to hardness, shaft, movement, etc. is common. If a gate fails during the peak season, it may cause hundreds of thousands of damages. The traffic speed of the wing gate is the fastest among all the turnstiles. The use of wing gates in scenic spots with a large flow of people is nothing more than the use of wing gates. Of course, the entrances of most scenic spots are outdoor, so some scenic spots also have three-roller gates.


Of course, not only one type of turnstile can be used in one occasion, we need to comprehensively consider various factors such as frequency of use, traffic, environment, functions, etc., and finally select the appropriate turnstile.

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