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company news about Application of Guodian Pedestrian Passage Gate in Various Industries

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Company News
Application of Guodian Pedestrian Passage Gate in Various Industries
Latest company news about Application of Guodian Pedestrian Passage Gate in Various Industries

With the popularization and high-end intelligence of access gate products, the application range of pedestrian access gates is becoming more and more extensive, and they are mainly used in places with dense crowds in all walks of life, such as airports, subways, communities, schools and other people's daily life. Places, as well as government offices, business buildings, star-rated hotels and other high-end places, all use pedestrian access gate equipment.


latest company news about Application of Guodian Pedestrian Passage Gate in Various Industries  0


In many places today, visitor management is mostly carried out by a combination of on-site manual management and equipment management. This method combines the flexibility of manual management and the convenience of intelligent equipment, so as to provide an orderly and civilized way for people entering and leaving, and complete the intelligent control and management of passage. It greatly improves the work efficiency, and also strengthens the personnel access control and access efficiency of the user unit.


Guodian pedestrian crossing gate has more than five years of successful application experience in the market, corresponding customer base and customer service system. All equipment and accessories operate safely and reliably, and comply with relevant Chinese or international safety standards. The powerful real-time monitoring function and linkage alarm function fully guarantee the safety of the user environment. The application advantages of Ketuo pedestrian access gate are as follows:


1. Excellent user experience: l Rich functions and flexible use l Diversified operation of small programs, saving time and worry l Low learning cost and good human-computer interaction experience

2. Excellent efficient management: l Easy deployment and overall management l Support human-vehicle integrated operation l Easy operation, real-time grasp of information, intelligent operation management of the system

3. Convenient maintenance: l Project life cycle services, real-time mobile phone tracking, peace of mind and convenience l The system architecture is well organized l Reduced daily operation and maintenance costs


At present, in response to policies and actual needs, security companies have launched solutions for smart communities, Guodian access control management system solutions, which can realize intelligent management of communities through face recognition. Provide a convenient experience; on the other hand, realize community security prevention and control, and the entrance and exit can identify and alert key personnel and strangers to ensure community security. Guodian Co., Ltd. provides many intelligent equipment for pedestrian access gates, such as face recognition gates, access control systems, access control systems, access gates, swing gates, three-roller gates, wing gates, etc. For more information, please consult Guodian Technology.

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