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company news about Anti-static gate, ESD static management system

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Anti-static gate, ESD static management system
Latest company news about Anti-static gate, ESD static management system

Anti-static gates are also called anti-static passage gates, anti-static pedestrian gates, static detection gates, and ESD gates. Among them, anti-static gates are composed of static tester + display screen + credit card machine or face meter + ESD static management software Composition, so it is also called ESD electrostatic management system.

Personnel entering the EPA should wear anti-static footwear. The performance requirements of shoes shall comply with the provisions of GB4385. In the wearing state, the resistance value of shoes and socks to the ground should meet the requirements of the national standard.


ESD anti-static access control management system function 1. The ESD anti-static access control system can detect whether the static resistance of employees before entering the workstation is within the range of the national standard.

2. Anti-static gates are tested for static shoes or wrist straps by swiping cards or face recognition. 3. The static management software has three detection modes: 1. Both the wristband and the foot are tested. 2. Only feet are measured.

3. Only swipe card or face recognition

4. Employees can use their card or face to automatically identify the authority they need to test. After swiping the card or face recognition, the static electricity management opportunity will automatically configure the test authority without flipping the switch.

5. The VEL electrostatic management machine has a high-brightness LCD display screen, which displays the test time, card number, job number and test results in real time, including hand and shoe error information, so that employees can intuitively know the error information.

Functional characteristics of pedestrian access gates:


1. Anti-tailing function: the channel has an infrared light band detection area, and the switch state can be adjusted by software according to the customer's precision requirements, adapting to the application of different demand light bands, avoiding the shortcomings of point-type infrared detectors that are easy to be polluted and affect the reliability of judgment. Effectively determine the trailing person who has not read the card. When the system determines that tailgating occurs, the system will respond according to the valid cardholder's response returned by the infrared detector. After the door open signal is issued, there are still some abnormal uses that will trigger the alarm system.


2. Abnormal usage: (1) Reverse intrusion when the door is opened. After the door wing is opened, if an unauthorized pedestrian enters the detection area of the door in the reverse direction, the door will be closed immediately. As long as the detection belt detects the presence of someone, the "time limit" function will not be counted. At this time, when the person leaves the second detection area, the door returns to normal operation. (2) When the door is closed, the reverse intrusion pedestrian enters the door body after the authorized door opening signal is issued, and before passing through the safety photoelectric detection belt, if the reverse detection belt detects that someone enters, as long as the person does not leave, the buzzer will always sound Alarm, the door remains closed, the "Aging" function does not count the time interval at this time.

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