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company news about Anti-epidemic smart pedestrian gates escort your city

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Anti-epidemic smart pedestrian gates escort your city
Latest company news about Anti-epidemic smart pedestrian gates escort your city

The anti-epidemic intelligent pedestrian passage gate is a body temperature detection, automatic identification of health code, and detection of wearing a mask. The time for a single person to pass is shortened from 30 seconds in the past to 3 to 5 seconds, which greatly shortens the passage time.


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Anti-epidemic intelligent pedestrian gates are suitable for hospitals, communities, airports, entry and exit, passenger stations, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, campuses, scenic spots, government agencies and other places. Associated with the local health code database, the passenger shows the health code and points it to the scanning area to detect the status of the passenger's health code; the passenger points his face to the temperature measurement panel system on the right, and the system can perform infrared temperature measurement, and at the same time, detect whether the passenger is Wear the mask correctly. If any of the passengers does not meet the epidemic prevention regulations, the system will automatically issue an audible and visual warning. The epidemic prevention department can query the background data at any time to provide data support for epidemic prevention and control.


The use of anti-epidemic intelligent pedestrian passageway gate system can effectively shorten the duration of passenger passage, improve the efficiency of passenger passage, block the loopholes in prevention and control, ensure the safety of passengers, and help hospitals, airports, immigration, passenger stations, ordinary and high-speed railways, campuses, etc. place. Guard the defense line of intelligent technology for the city and improve the quality. Especially in hospitals, the anti-epidemic intelligent pedestrian gates allow doctors to complete the health code inspection in one stop, which brings great convenience to doctors. Face recognition, identity check, body temperature check and other epidemic prevention and control investigations, and real-time reporting of abnormal situations, the epidemic prevention and control can achieve the effect of no missed inspection, real-time inspection, real-time reporting, and fast pass, making the hospital "intelligent" The "refined" epidemic prevention and control work has provided a strong guarantee.


The newly established intelligent gate for epidemic prevention and control in the outpatient channel of the hospital is also called the intelligent pedestrian gate for epidemic prevention. Those who seek medical treatment only need to pay out their ID cards and etc. After the verification is completed, the gate will automatically block or release. The smart access system uses advanced software and hardware technologies such as infrared temperature measurement, face recognition, and ID card reading. It is of great significance to simplify the medical treatment process and strengthen pre-examination and triage, epidemic prevention and control, and screening.


Therefore, the anti-epidemic intelligent pedestrian gate is mainly used in urban rail transit management to manage the flow of people and regulate pedestrian travel. The most basic and core function is to realize only one person at a time. It can be used for various charges and entrances for access control occasions. In places, the anti-epidemic intelligent pedestrian gate can be applied to almost any entrance and exit that requires inspection, quarantine and security inspection.


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