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company news about Advantages of swing gate access control system

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Advantages of swing gate access control system
Latest company news about Advantages of swing gate access control system

Pedestrian access gate is a new product that has developed rapidly in recent years, and it is also a relatively popular access product at present. Among all access gates, swing gates are popular among users for their fast passing speed and many passers-by. It not only facilitates the provision of civilized and orderly access for people entering and leaving, but also effectively manages the entry and exit of people.


latest company news about Advantages of swing gate access control system  0

The swing gate access control system is a plane perpendicular to the ground. It realizes passage and restriction by swinging. The materials are generally stainless steel, light glass, etc., and the requirements are relatively high. The access control management personnel only need to undergo simple training to be able to take up the job, and the maintenance personnel can also find the fault through a few simple steps, which can be quickly and easily eliminated; the current most popular wireless network management system used in the swing gate access control system ensures Your management system will not fall behind; the use of TCP/IP transmission method can reduce a lot of investment, and the construction period is short, saving wire and labor costs, and the cost is more advantageous; the swing gate access control system adopts non-contact Smart IC card, also known as radio frequency card, successfully solves the problems of multi-use, confidentiality, no wear, and easy operation of IC cards, greatly improves the practicability of the system, and can perform multiple authorizations for one card, attendance, consumption, etc. , parking management, patrol, personnel can be managed; the number of channels can also be expanded at will, that is, when the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent access gates and elevator control equipment needs to be increased, the hardware only needs to be increased. Corresponding access gate, the software can set the newly added equipment.


The swing gate access control system not only effectively helps the staff to reduce work pressure, but also ensures the safety of passage. With the rapid development of science and technology, the application of pedestrian gates will become more and more extensive in the future. For example, high-end residential areas, scenic spots, office buildings, stations and other places with a large flow of people will need to use pedestrian gate products, and the future development prospects are very promising. Broad market demand will also increase.



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