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company news about Advantages and Features of Pedestrian Swing Gates?

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Advantages and Features of Pedestrian Swing Gates?
Latest company news about Advantages and Features of Pedestrian Swing Gates?

The application of pedestrian access gates in life has gradually been widely used, and different types of access equipment are required in different entrance and exit scenarios. For example, three-roller brakes for wide venues, revolving doors, high-quality pedestrian gates used by campus enterprises, etc. They can effectively help staff reduce work pressure and ensure the safety of entry and exit. There are many advantages to access pedestrian access turnstiles. The three major features of pedestrian access turnstiles are introduced below.


latest company news about Advantages and Features of Pedestrian Swing Gates?  0


1. Easy to use

Existing access control managers only require simple training to be at work, and walkway gate maintenance personnel can find faults in a few simple steps, which can be quickly and easily eliminated. The technology adopts the current popular wireless network management system, and the pedestrian gate turnstile ensures that the management system will not fall behind in more than ten years.

2. Low overall cost

The use of advanced transmission methods from the installation, commissioning and wiring of pedestrian access gates can reduce a lot of investment, plus the short construction period, saving wire and labor costs, and easy maintenance. Therefore, the use of pedestrian access gates has the advantage of lower cost. The pedestrian passage gate system adopts non-contact smart IC card, also known as RF card, which successfully solves the problems of multi-purpose IC card, confidentiality, no wear, and easy operation to improve practicability.

3. Easy to expand

The intelligent management system of the pedestrian access gate adopts the wireless communication mode, and the access door can expand the number of channels at will. The software can set up new equipment, follow the control access control, the central control access door attaches great importance to the access control head is perfectly integrated in the gate, and the entry biometric technology can be combined with fingerprint recognition authentication, face recognition authentication, and card authentication methods to improve Security Level.

All in all, the three major features of pedestrian access gates are easy to use, low comprehensive cost and easy to expand. Pedestrian access gates can be multi-authorized cards, and access doors can be used for other aspects of application management. Such as attendance consumption, parking management, patrol personnel, etc. Good service and good after-sale pedestrian access gates means that when the corresponding control system is installed, the number of intelligent access brakes and elevator control devices is increased as needed, and the hardware only needs to add corresponding access gates.

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