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company news about A good helper for the security management of public places of Guodian sidewalk gates!

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A good helper for the security management of public places of Guodian sidewalk gates!

The access gate is a kind of pedestrian access management equipment, which is generally used in conjunction with the access control management system. Common in all kinds of tolls, access control and other entrances and exits. It is widely used in office buildings, hospitals, scenic spots, residences, schools, construction sites, resorts and other places. Through such a system, people can realize traffic management and standardize pedestrian traffic, and improve the physical protection ability of safe areas.


latest company news about A good helper for the security management of public places of Guodian sidewalk gates!  0


With the development of the urban economy, the needs of pedestrian management are widely present in various business formats. Identifying people entering and leaving in a reasonable way and realizing reasonable, effective and safe management are the core needs of property managers. Taking Ketuo as an example, the current access control systems commonly use identification modes and application scenarios. The access control systems are divided into card access control management systems, QR code access control management systems, face access control management systems, fingerprint access control management systems, elevator access control management systems, and visitor management systems. There are six management systems. The basic functions include live capture, timeout alarm, various door settings, import and export of batch data, batch card issuance/authorization, flexible report output, diversified management plans and other functions. The pedestrian access gates mainly include swing gates, wing gates, three roller gates, turnstiles, speed gates, etc. The products are equipped with a dedicated fire button interface, which can automatically open the gate in an emergency. From the point of view of safety, when purchasing an access gate, it is mainly to understand the ways of the gate product in terms of pedestrian movement trajectory and behavior recognition detection, illegal entry pedestrian anti-pinch mechanism, and emergency response processing in emergency situations. In order to facilitate future upgrades and expansions and consider anti-interference, it is recommended to choose terminal identification equipment that conforms to international standards, rather than the wider the compatibility, the better.


The access control access door system is used to protect the safety of people and property, so the system itself must be safe. The high security mentioned here, on the one hand, refers to the natural properties or accuracy of the product or system. Wet and wet, and can be anti-static, anti-interference, etc. Guodian Technology has more than ten years of successful application experience in the market, corresponding customer base and customer service system. All equipment and accessories operate safely and reliably, comply with relevant Chinese or international safety standards, and function in line with actual needs. At the same time, front-end products and system software have good learnability and operability (convenience).




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