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What is the working principle of supermarket swing gates?

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What is the working principle of supermarket swing gates?

September 2, 2022
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Now the entrance of some supermarkets will be equipped with intelligent channel swing gate system. When customers walk over, the door swings automatically open, and when people pass by, it automatically closes; if it is pushed back, an alarm will be issued. The supermarket swing gate guides customers to walk in the established direction and line, which plays a great role in the supermarket's security measures and personnel flow management. At present, the supermarket swing gates used on the market are mainly infrared induction and radar induction. So how do they work? Cube Beauty will reveal it to you.



1. Infrared induction: The general infrared induction supermarket swing gate has a small guardrail column in front of the main column where the swing is installed, and a sensor in the middle of the guardrail column. There is an infrared transmitter on one side, and the other side There is a reflector similar to a bicycle taillight, and the red light emitted just hits the reflector to form a loop. If the infrared rays are blocked when a customer passes by, the signal will be transmitted to the main column of the sensor to give a signal to open the door.


2. Radar induction: The most intuitive feeling of radar-sensing supermarket swing gates is that there is no front guardrail. The sensor is installed on the main column. Generally, a sensing area is formed about one meter in front of the main column, regardless of whether you are directly in front.Entering the entrance of the supermarket, or passing by the side, as long as it is in the sensing area, a door opening signal will be placed on the door.



So, which supermarket swing gates should be more suitable for different supermarkets? The choice of these two types of supermarket swing gates is mainly based on the actual situation. The infrared-sensing supermarket swing gates will occupy a relatively large space due to the front column, while the radar-sensing supermarket swing gates have no front Columns take up relatively small space, so when choosing, you can choose a supermarket swing gate that is more suitable for your store according to the actual space to be installed in the store.

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