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Accurate Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection Face Recognition System

Minimum Order Quantity : 1pcs Price : 599USD/pcs
Packaging Details : Wooden Box Delivery Time : 1-7days
Payment Terms : Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: RS Security Co.,Ltd
Certification: ISO9001,CE,FCC,SGS,RoHS Model Number: RS 8001E1

Detail Information

Product Name: Temperature Face Recognition Model: RS 8001E1
Type:: Infrared Thermometer Display:: Digital
Temperature Detection Distance:: 15.7-23.6 Inch Accuracy:: +- 0.3
Recognition Speed:: Less Than 0.5s Power:: 0.2kw
Atomized Efficiency:: 2.5L/H Application:: Museum, Prison, Pier, Station
High Light:

1.1m Thermal Face Recognition


AI Face Recognition Systems

Product Description

3D Long Distance Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras

Products Description
Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Description
Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera Stability:different angles/different light /face changes can be accurate identified;Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras high accuracy:adopting high-performance infrared thermal imaging mode temperature mesuring accuracy ± 0.2°C;Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras diverse application:public cloud deployment,private deployment,Lan USE,stand-alone use;Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Uniqueness:the face is unique,can not be copied,and prevent counterfeiting non-contact;Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition various expansion:supporting the expansion of various peripheral devices such as ID card reader,fingerprint instrument,IC card reader,or code reader,etc;Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera Non-contact:no need to touch the equipment,Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras can be identified by entering the range,convenient for hygiene
Tag:Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition,Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera,Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras
Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera Application:
Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras can be used independently as attendance equipment,visitor management equipment;Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera suitable for construction site,gym,business attendance management,business center,factory,office building,
Temperature Face Recognition CamerasTemperature Face Recognition Camera

Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras Function

1. Humanization sleek & smart design
2.Face recognition access control equipment can quickly detect body temperature,which is more efficient and safe.
3. Fast identification (attended)
4. Reject electronic screen (recommended by gate, attendance, etc.)
5. Refuse electronic screen and most paper photos (used in finance and other industries)
6. Refuse electronic screen and paper photos (used in military bases). The device compares 108 positioning points of human face. The higher the level, the more positioning points are compared, the longer the comparison time will be, and the accuracy will be improved Fast identification level is the best mode under the experience.
7.On the contrary, to achieve higher accuracy comparison, there are two ways: upload the standard certificate photo and improve the background recognition level; This needs to be balanced with the customer's usage environment, because it will affect the user experience
 Temperature Face Recognition DisplaysTemperature Face Recognition DisplayTemperature Face Recognition Controller
Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera Date
 Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera date

Hardware Features
Host OS Android 5.1
  CPU Rockchip RK3288K   Quad Core Cortex-Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera Stability:different angles/different light /face changes can be accurate identified7,1.8GHz,indurtrial grade
  Memory 8GB EMMC
Camera Sensor 1/1.8 inch SONY IMX385 (Superstarlight level scan 2.1M CMOS image sensor line by line)
  Wide Dynamic 120dB
  Cam 6mm(optional)
Panel Size 10 inch
  Resolution 800*1280 Vertical screen
  Screen degree 0~30 degree, rotating shaft can be adjusted
  Touch Support
Smart features Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera Description
Recognition time ≤0.6S(20 thousand face stock)
Recognition way ID card,Mifare/NFC card,Face
Face verification accuracy ≥99.99%
Passing rate 99%
False Accept rate 0.01%
Facial recognition distance 0.3M~2.5M
Face capacity No ceiling, 20000 is recommended
Algorithm fit for race Universal species (yellow/balck/white/latino.,etc)
Bio-Assay Support, monocular visible vivo discrimination
Mask recognition Support, no mask reminding
Temperature measuring performance ranges 10ºC~50ºC,indoor without wind
  accuracy ±0.3ºC
  resolution 0.1ºC
  distance 0.5m~0.75m
  Field angle 90°(H) * 90°(V)
  Respond time 200mS
Batch entry Support
Management platform Support,B/S structure
Interface Description
Swithcing value channel input
  channel output
Wiggins channel wiggin input,support wiggin 26 and 34
  channel wiggin output, support wiggin 26 and 34
Internet *RJ45 10M / 100M
Reader IC card optional
  ID card optional
  Resident ID card optional,can support both ID and IC card
Common feature Description
Power DC12V
Size(WxHx T) Vertical type 130*292*34mm
  Wall mounted 130*292*34mm
  Standalone 200*1505.3*300mm
Woking environment -30ºC - +75ºC,≤90%RH
IP level IP66
Installment Standalone/wall mounted/vertical type

 Temperature Face Recognition InstrumentTemperature Face Recognition IndicatorTemperature Face Recognition Equipments
Main Performance(Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras)
1. 8-inch PS full-view LCD display;
2. Industrial appearance, waterproof and dustproof design, stable and reliable;
3. Supports 3W face database, 1: 1
comparison recognition rate is over 977%, 1: N comparison recognition rate is over 967% @ 0.1% misrecognition
4. The accuracy rate is 98.3%@1% false rejection rate, Face recognition pass speed is less than 1 second
5. Supports accurate face recognition and comparison while wearing a mask
6. Using industrial binocular wide dynamic camera with night infrared and LED dual fill light
7.Support human body temperature detection and temperature display by 1-meter ultra-long distance of body temperature detection, with only 0.2 °C detection error, support automatic alarm for body temperature abnormality, with fast detection speed, support export of attendance temperature measurement ‘s real-time data; 9.Supports to add various peripherals such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, 2D barcode reader, etc. 10. Support system-level, APP offline-level, APP + background network-level multiple AP docking, complete documentation, support for secondary development
Details Images
Details Images
 Temperature Face Recognition ReaderTemperature Face Recognition ModulesTemperature Face Recognition MachineTemperature Face Recognition MachinesTemperature Face Recognition Instruments
Other Bracket
Other Bracket


Q:What does the standalone version mean? If the customer needs to check the data on the background server after measuring the body temperature on an 8-inch machine, does this refer to the online version? Can the customer's requirements be fulfilled? A: The single machine board is that the information is not connected to the server, only the data is saved inside the machine. data can be uploaded and copied via U disk. Our cloud platform is now only applicable at home, not abroad. A version of the client's local area network (LAN) is currently being developed, that is, the client's own server recognition thermostat) on the server.
Q: Is our current software can only support the attendance system?
A: Support the measurement of attendance and temperature measurement data. Company personnel needs to input data in advance to carry out the comparative measurement. Or a stranger who opens the gate. You don't have to enter data.
Q: Do other functions require secondary development?
A: other functions need to be feasibility analysis before they can be secondary development.
Q: Are the two software functions of face recognition and temperature measurement separated?
A: Face recognition and body temperature measurement software are integrated, and the stranger mode will not be diagnosed by the diagnosis personal.
Q:How can face recognition recognize strangers? Do you want to enter the data comparison first?
A: The identification of strangers is a comparison of data, and the conclusion obtained by comparing with the data entered in the system. Data entry is required first.
Q: Where is the attendance data of the attendance software stored? Is it okay for a customer to store data on his own server?
A: At present, the stand-alone mode is stored in the Android computer, and customers can download and copy it to the computer. Later LAN server versions can be saved directly on the server. Cloud data function, what we are currently doing domestically is stored in the cloud.
Q:When is the software for the LAN version and cloud platform expected to come out? Is it possible for customers to update the stand-alone version after they come out?
A: The LAN version is already being tested and adjusted, and the back-end server language is also increasing in English. After coming out, only need to replace the terminal APK, you can achieve the LAN mode. This is not affected.
Q:If the customer is using a complete set of gate access control system, how is it connected to our machine? What do customers need to provide?
A: The gate access control system, we have a relay signal to the gate to achieve access control. If it is a customer's gate, connect the relay signal on our access control mechanisms to control the gate switch. Turn on when power is on, and turn off when power is off. Q: What is the general error of the measured temperature data?
A:The general error of body temperature data is within ± 0.3°C
Q: Does it support outdoor models?
A:Temporarily does not support outdoor models, mainly because the temperature measurement module is a sensitive component, and the accuracy of temperature measurement can be affected in outdoor direct sunlight and high temperature and high heat environments. It can only be a semi-outdoor model.
Q:Increasing the background check of the pass identification and comparison of pass records; increase the local face database to increase the ID display; increase the local company name setting; are these three functions for the attendance system?
A: Yes, improve the interface settings, the function of stand-alone mode.
 Temperature Face Recognition TabletsTemperature Face Recognition TabletTemperature Face Recognition SystemTemperature Face Recognition ReadersTemperature Face Recognition Reader

Our software is continuously updated:

MIPS smart access (LAN) version v2.4.0 was officially released with the following information: Background version: v2.4.0.0 Client version: v2.4.0.1 Update Description:
1. [client language update] add Ukrainian, update Spanish, Indonesian, Korean (Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Italian, polish, German, Russian, Thai, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, Kazakh, Slovak, Dutch, Portuguese [Brazil], Uzbekistan Karan, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean and other 22 languages);
2. On the [display] new device details page, through the display setting function, you can set the client personnel to display the user-defined picture after passing;
3. [pass record retention] the function of setting stranger record retention time on the new pass record page can set the time to automatically delete stranger record;
4. [export of traffic record] update the function of export of traffic record on the page of traffic record. You can set whether to export the photos of people's traffic; 5. [automatic refresh of traffic record] the refresh button of the new traffic record page can be opened to automatically refresh the page every 6 seconds; 6. New callback setting function in batch callback setting, which can be set in background or in batch; 7. [Others] optimized some interaction details;
 Temperature Face Recognition SystemTemperature Face Recognition Readers
Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Cameras can be used independently as attendance equipment,visitor management equipment;Body Temperature Monitoring Face Recognition Camera suitable for construction site,gym,business attendance management,business center,factory,office building,
 Temperature Face Recognition Systems
Product packaging
Product packaging
 Temperature Face Recognition Terminal
RS Security Co.,Ltd use international inspection wooden case, safe and solid package, suitable for export.
Our Services
Our Services
 Temperature Face Recognition Terminals
1. Warranty: One year .
2. After-sales Service: For the user questions or machine fault,we will arrange engineer provide remote-control technical support and maintenance services for you at any time.
3. Product Quality Assurance: RS Security Co.,Ltd products had gone through authoritative evaluation, approves CE, RoHS certification, and strict test before shipment.
4. After-sales Service Team: RS Security Co.,Ltd after-sales service center is equipped with a professional technical service team with abundant experience in maintenance and support.
5. Special statement: RS Security Co.,Ltd provides 1 year warranty for free. Validity starts from the device deliver and the signature acceptance, all man-made damage, accidental damage and malfunction caused by illegal operation are out of warranty. Beyond the equipment warranty period, RS Security Co.,Ltd provide equipment maintenance paid service, and charge for components and parts at our discretion with free maintenance . Within Warranty period, users will be provided with various timely response and support service , 24 hours all day-hotline telephone, fax, e-mail and other flexible means.

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